Republick of Korea Army!

Evaluation of the Current

Evaluation of the Current Environment of the Army

Through Reform and Innovation, the ROK Army will build a stronger Army while optimizing the scale forces.

Since its founding, the ROK Army has accomplished its misson as the main force for the nation's defense through continuing reform and innovation. the rapid development of technology coupled with the dynamic security environment is the impetuses to reshape our forces and adjust to this newenvironment by leveraging on the technological advances of our nation.

We are in a complex era of proliferation of non-military and national threats that include terrorism of mass destruction. Potential threats are increasing over regional conflict stemming from territorial disputes, competition for resources and historical animosities. These coexist with the threat of North Korean provocation and the potential for sudden change in the international situation from transitional terrorism. The Army must be ready to counter the threats emanating form North Korea, and at the same time, be prepared for various other potential military and non-military threats.

We must be prepared for the changing concepts of war and methods premised on network-based, effects-based, and human-centered non-linear mobile warfare brought about by advancement of science and technology.

As USFK transforms due to the global strategy shift of the United States government, the role of the ROK Army has grown. Within the parameters of the ROK-US Joint Defense System, improvement of the ROK Forces' operational capability is imperative. The ROK Army must undertake a leading role in establishing improved operational capabilities under the leadership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Due to a rapid decrease of military resources, it has become very difficult to maintain a large force based military structure. On the other hand, rapid development of the economy and technological advances has made it possible to build a state-of-the-art, technology-oriented military force. In conjunction with the 「National Defense Reform 2020」, we must build a state-of-the-art, information and technology-oriented Army and adjust our force structure while increasing our capabilities.

As our society becomes more democratic, open and advanced, the importance of operating the military more efficiently and effectively becomes critical. Thus, a dramatic improvement of the Army culture is imperative.
Direction for Change and Innovation
  • Enhance the structure of the Army to meet the demands of the future environment.
    - Convert the manpower-centered, quantity based structure to an information, Knowledge, and technology-oriented structure.
    - Possess functional capabilities to carry out expanded tasks such as new methods of war and global peace operations.
  • Innovate toward a cost-efficient and highly effective military operational structure.
  • Improve the culture of the Army commensurate with a democratic society.