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General information about the ROK Army

>General information about the ROK Army

The ROK Army makes up the core of Korea's national defense. Its mission in peace time is to deter war with the help of the Navy and the Air Force; its wartime mission is to bring all ground combat to victory.

Organized into the ROK Army Headquarters, three Field Army Commands, the Aviation Operations Command, the Special Warfare Command, and units to support these commands, the ROK Army consists of 11 corps, 49 divisions, and 19 brigades.

Approximately five hundred sixty thousand troops make up the army, and its core equipment includes some 2,400 tanks, 5,400 pieces of field artillery, and 2,800 armored vehicles.

The First and Third Army Commands have the mission to defend the region that ranges from the Military Demarcation Line(MDL) to the Seoul area. Each army command consists of several corps commands, divisions, and brigades. The troops under these two commands, in response to the threat of surprise attacks or high-speed mobile warfare launched by North Korea, have deployed key ground forces along the major avenues of approach that connect Seoul to North Korea.

The Mission of the Second Field Army Command is to defend the entire rear area, including the coastline, that starts from the rear line of responsibility of the two aforementioned forward-area army commands. Several corps commands, divisions, and brigades make up this command. The core tasks of the army are designed to repel North Korean infiltration by land, sea, and air and should the North successfully conduct an infiltration, annihilate the infiltrated force. These tasks include guarding the coastline, defending major facilities and sea lines of communication, and managing reserve forces and material for wartime mobilization.

Organized in to one aviation brigade and several battalions, the Aviation Operations Command possesses various types of helicopters. The command provides maneuver forces with fire support, airlift and reconnaissance support, and if necessary, moves into the enemy's rear area to conduct timely fire support and air strikes.

The Special Warfare Command consists of several brigades. Its main tasks include collecting intelligence, locating enemy targets, and carrying out other designated tasks.

The Capital Defense Command consists of several divisions and focuses on the mission of maintaining the security of Seoul as well as protecting the infrastructure of the city.

One reconnaissance and one decontamination battalion, and the Chemical Defense Research Institute make up the CBR(chemical, biological, and radiological) Defense Command. The command supports CBR operations, conducts research, and evaluates issues related to chemical warfare agents.

Each field army, corps command, and division have its own artillery unit that provides effective fire support for the maneuver forces under it. These artillery units possess various sorts of artillery, targeting equipment, fire-control systems, and high-tech weapons that make them capable of timely and sustained fire support.