Republick of Korea Army!

Chief of staff

47th the Army Chief of Staff

Welcome to the Republic of Korea Army homepage! 

The ROKA has acted as a pillar of support, safeguarding the peace and freedom of this country

with blood and sweat, as it made giant leaps in progress and prosperity. With such proud

history as our backdrop, with the capabilities and wisdom of all, I will continue writing

ROKA's shapter of progress in our history books.

Looking ahead, ROKA, as the central force of national defense. will acquire the capabilities to

take initiative in future battlefields, will arm ourselves with values and cultures adhering to

our current zeitgeist, and will redefine ourselves as the trustworthy "Strong Army, Proud Army"

As the immutable guardians of the Republic of Korea, we will always be victorious.

The ROKA homepage is place of free communication.

We believe that a single comment could lead to great changes, and with that in mind, we will

always be attentively listening to your comments.

Thank you,

Genetal Kim Yongwoo