Republick of Korea Army!

Chief of staff

48th the Army Chief of Staff

Welcome to the Republic of Korea Army homepage! 

Over the past 70 Years, the Republic of Korea Army has

supported peace in the Republic of Korea through strength.

On top of the foundation of service and sacrifice laid by our predecessors

the ROK Army will continue to evolve into becoming a 'Strong Army, Proud Army, Together Army'

that is always victorious and is trusted by the people.

As the Central Force for National Defence the Army will establish a strong readiness posture,

focus on pursuing National Defense Reform 2.0 and creating a state-of-the-art force to revolutionize

the army into a "Strong Army".

The Army will continue to nurture proud warriors, and create an organization that is

flexible and vibrant so to become a trustworthy "Proud Army".

As a community of the best and the brightest, we will unite under mutual trust of one and another,

expand our communication with the civilian world to create greater partnerships and lay the stepping

stone to becoming a "Together Army".

Today the Army will relentlessly forge on ahead to evolve into an "Army beyond all limitations".

I hope that you too will continue ahead with your unwavering support of the ROKA.

Genetal Suh Wook