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16.10.18 10:28:39
[20th Army Division] One Shot All Kill…the ‘strength’ of K2 Black Panther

20th Army Division

[20th Army Division] One Shot All Kill…the ‘strength’ of K2 Black Panther


Applied creative engagement simulation model using MILES equipment

Crocodile unit, the 20th Army Division, showed off their more reinforced fighting power through small-unit combat skills training using the K2 tank.

The training, which was held at the tactical training ground in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, from October 4 to 6, focused on militant warfighting plans on a single route that considers the regional characteristics of the Korean Peninsula, with lots of mountains and single paths. From two weeks before the training, it was conducted as a company’s independent training with the mission-oriented instruction of the company commander. Particularly for the combined training, a creative and scientific combat simulation model was applied by using the battlefield management system mounted on a K2 tank, the identification of friend or foe system, and the MILES equipment coupled with a laser detector.

As a rule, the unit performs tank operation maneuver training based on an actual combat situation. In the training, gunner and driver batten down the hatches, while a tank commander leads the tank with only his head exposed outside through the half-opened hatch for minimal battlefield surveillance, and conducts evasive maneuvering while maintaining a condition enabling constant fire.

Captain Shin Jung-bae, the company commander, said, “This is my first training since I was assigned, so I committed myself to it with the resolution that I have to be competent and determined enough to engage in combats and fight for win if a war breaks out tonight.“ And he added, “As a unit operating top-of-the-line K2 tank, I’ll lead the unit to have best capability, in keeping with our slogan: One Shot All Kill.”

By Ah-Mi, Cho<> / 2016.10.11
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