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[The 5th Army Corps] Inspiring patriotism by paying tribute to deceased patriots

Date : 2017-07-06 >

[The 5th Army Corps] Inspiring patriotism by paying tribute to deceased patriots

To mark the 67th anniversary of the 6.25 War, a great religious ceremony for the deceased patriots was held by the 5th Army Corps at the Corps' Buddhist sanctuary, Hoguk Geumgangsa, on June 25th. 

The ceremony has been held for 34 years since 1984 in order to honor the patriots who gave up their lives to protect their homeland, to encourage awareness among soldiers of the national defense, and to wish for Korea’s development.  

The ceremony was attended by approximately 200 people, including 6·25 War veterans, people involved with the Military Ordinariate of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, and members of the security and veterans affair group. It began with the Cheondo ritual and then continued with the memorial ritual.  

In the ceremony hosted by the chief of the 5th Army Corps, the soldiers went round the memorial tower holding ancestral tablets to the spirits of victims from participants in 6.25 War, and had an opportunity to show appreciation to the deceased patriots by solemnly carrying out an enshrinement ceremony to worship them. 

"Dear soldiers, the Republic of Korea has developed remarkably and been able to enjoy material affluence thanks to the ultimate sacrifice made by these deceased patriots. Let's perform our duties faithfully for freedom and peace in this land, so we are not threatened again," emphasized Jegal Yong-jun, lieutenant general and the chief of the 5th Army Corps.

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