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2018 KR/FE exercises to resume on April 1

[ Date : 2018-04-02 ]

Both countries' forces for drills are of similar scale to those of previous years

UN Command notifies North Korea of regular defense exercises

According to the Ministry of National Defense's announcement on March 20, Key Resolve and Foal Eagle (KR/FE) exercises will begin next month. On that day, a Ministry spokesperson announced: “The South Korean and U.S. defense ministers have agreed to resume the annual allied drills, including the 2018 Key Resolve exercises that were rescheduled due to the Olympics,” adding that “The drills will begin on April 1st, and will be of a similar scale to those of previous years.” The spokesperson then said, “The United Nations Command has notified the North Korean military of the schedule for the drills and the defense nature of the regular exercises,” adding that, “In keeping with previous practices, the Neutral National Supervisory Commission will observe the drills to confirm they comply with the armistice agreement."

Key Resolve is a computer-simulated command post exercise (CPX) and Foal Eagle is a field training exercise (FTX) involving the deployment of forces and equipment. During these drills, the Joint Chiefs of Staff will lead the establishment of a plan for drills, the operation of opposing forces, and an after-drill review in order to enhance the South Korean military's capability of carrying out allied operations.  

According to South Korean and US forces, Foal Eagle will start on April 1 and last for four weeks, while Key Resolve will be held for two weeks starting in the middle of April. In January, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to postpone the routine joint military drills between the two countries during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and Paralympics. That is why the 2018 KR/FE exercises between South Korean and U.S. military forces are being held in April, even though the exercises normally take place in early March.



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2018 KR/FE exercises to resume on April 1


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