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16.10.18 10:23:42
[Aviation Operations Command] “I am the top attack helicopter pilot”
[Aviation Operations Command] “I am the top attack helicopter pilot”

Fostering attacking aviation forces after developing night-day midair firing capability
Selected the ‘Top Heligun’ as the best shooter… the result announced at the beginning of November


“I am the best attack helicopter pilot.”

The Army Aviation Operations Command will hold the ‘2016 ROK Army Aviation Shooting Championship’ at Biseung shooting range in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, from October 10 to 21 and select the ‘Top Heligun,’ the best attack helicopter pilot as well as the best unit in shooting. The championship is held annually to help develop attacking aviation forces with aggressive air operations capability by increasing night-day midair firing ability in an environment where air safety is guaranteed. It consists of 2 sections, shooting (by units and individuals) and general, and the shooting section proceeds with firing after tactical maneuvers based on an actual battlefield environment.

For the unit shooting section, 9 attack helicopter squadrons with two types of helicopters, AH-1S (Cobra) and 500MD, and 13 squadrons with 4 types of maneuver helicopter, UH-60, KUH-1, UH-1H and Chinook, will participate, which are selected after a preliminary round by each aviation brigade and aviation group. These aircraft, which represent the squadron, compete on shooting ability by firing each organized firearm during the championship, and the unit that achieves the most excellent results will be selected as the best unit.

For the individual shooting section, the best pilot that will represent the unit will be selected after a close evaluation that considers factors such as prior service, qualification, proficiency and expertise, and those pilots compete based on their aviation and shooting abilities during the championship.

The pilot who gets the highest score after four types of firearm shooting scores will be selected as the honored ‘Top Heligun‘ for the year.

In the general category, pilots, weapon mechanics, maintenance crews, controllers and maintenance units are recommended who reach certain evaluation standards such as ability according to their position, qualification, potential, etc. in the past year. Of those, the most excellent agent and unit for each position are selected through the evaluation. The results are announced at the beginning of November and a presidential certificate of merit will be awarded to the selected best unit and the Top Heligun pilot respectively.

By Seok-Jong, Lee < > / 2016.10.14
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