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16.08.11 01:13:32
9th anniversary since the Dongmyeong unit was dispatched, reaching 90,000 patients with medical treatment

The longest-dispatched Dongmyeong unit in our UN peace-keeping operations (PKO) history has reached another meaningful milestone.

On July 27, the 17th Dongmyeong unit announced that it had held a celebration on July 21 marking the 9th anniversary of its dispatch, providing medical support for 90,000 patients from a post in Tyre, southern Lebanon.

Dongmyeong soldiers, key personnel of United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNFIL), and local residents attended the event. There were drum performances and K-POP shows performed by members of Korea Lebanon Ma Sha Allah (KLM) to spice up the atmosphere.

As well, Taekwondo masters who were chosen as Lebanese representatives for the ‘World Taekwondo Hanmadang’ to be held at the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea next month, gave a restrained demonstration, heating up the event. Those 6 rank-holding Taekwondo masters were handed down from the Dongmyeong unit.

At the request of the UN in 2007, the unit was dispatched to Lebanon, and for the last 9 years, they have bolstered Korea's national status and informed the entire world about the outstanding characteristics of the Korean Army. This unit is particularly known for executing various civil operations perfectly.

They have also been providing local residents with education about Taekwondo, the Korean alphabet, computers, and sewing in approximately 5 villages including Abbasiyah, Shabriha, Burgliyah, Burj rahal, and Diba, to further inspire individuals in these regions to dream and hope. Medical veterinary supports circulating 5 villages earned ‘wonderful’ respect from UNIFIL and locals.

Muhammad Hassan, a local resident within the operational area, said, “Their kind and excellent medical support is met with great love and trust from us.” And he praised the unit, saying “Dongmyeong unit is now indispensable for us. They are our family and our friends.”

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