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Did you see? Such a powerful Korean army!


Did you see? Such a powerful Korean army!

The Army celebrated the 68th anniversary of Armed Forces Day at the main military training ground, Gyeryongdae, Chungcheongnam-do on the morning of October 1st. The gently falling autumn rain and the cloudy overcast sky didn't dampen anyone's spirits. The stands were crowded with attendees in white raincoats, and there was no movement at all among the national soldiers who were lined up. With a fierce look in their eyes and a restrained posture, they conveyed a disciplined military spirit.


With the theme ‘Homeland protection! Strong Korean Army!’ the celebration was attended by major figures from the government and the military, including President Park Geun-hye, the Chairman of the National Assembly Jung Se-gyun, Minister of National Defense Han Min-koo, and others.

Starting with the sound of marching drums, the pre-ceremony consisted of an honor guard demonstration and MC (motorcycle) parade, as well as a chorus of each force’s cadets. As President Park made her entrance, everyone in the stands applauded passionately. She greeted the cheering audience by waving her hands and smiling brightly.



The celebration proceeded with marches for a review of each force’s honor guard, color guard and cadets, awarding of medals, prizes and citations to units and individuals, and a commemoration ceremony. During the pledge of allegiance to the nation, CH-47 helicopters flew carrying a large Taegeukgi, measuring 30m by 20m, which caught the eyes of the audience.


Photos by reporters Yong-hak, Cho and Dong-wook, Yang
Article from Gyeryongdae by Seung-Hoi, Ahn < >  / 2016.10.07
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