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[Army Special Forces] Training exercise held for 22 nights and 23 days, pushing troop limits

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[Army Special Forces] Training exercise held for 22 nights and 23 days, pushing troop limits

The Guiseong unit of the Army Special Forces has proven its reputation through a highly intensive actual warfare training that lasted 23 days and 22 nights.


According to an announcement made by the unit on April 25, the unit developed a consolidated live tactical training session considering the battlefield environment in Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, as well as for Sobaek-san, Odae-san and Seorak-san Mountains from April 10th until May2nd. Composed of individuals and team units, this training focused on improving the capability of soldiers to complete any mission in any situation.


The intent of the training was explained as follows. “North Korea has been subject to sanctions from the international community due to its various provocations of missile tests followed by nuclear experiments. Considering the current situation, we have arranged a highly intensive training session that assumes the worst conditions in order to perfectly carry out the mission at any time and to have the ability to protect the lives and properties of the people,” said a unit official.


The training included special operations training, mountaineering training and a thousand-mile march. The soldiers who are participating in the special operations training repeatedly carried out tasks such as reconnaissance and surveillance, undetected infiltration, air fire inducement, etc. to increase their wartime mission capabilities.


Mountaineering training is designed to enhance the capability of soldiers to move freely while rock climbing, while building their physical endurance. Through mountaineering training marches, soldiers develop the ability to quickly seize control from the enemy, just like when they have to operate on the ground level.


For this thousand-mile march, soldiers will hike along the Baedudaegan Mountain Range, which is considered the backbone of Korea.


Marching along the Baedudaegan from Mt. Sobaek-san to Seorak-san, soldiers will face various situations assigned by the unit. By working to overcome these, they will build their teamwork as well as the capability of each soldier to perform their duties.


Staff sergeant Lee Dong-ju said, “At one point I was almost ready to give up on the training because of the pain in my ankles and knees, but I was able to prevail thanks to my the help of my fellow soldiers. After overcoming the extreme challenge of this training, I want to become an elite special forces soldier.”


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